Peter C. Ruppert
„I am not unreceptive to the influence of others, but I have never liked unbidden advice, and in cases when I have asked for advice I was basically only seeking further decision guidelines. I think it usually detracts from a collector`s competence if he enters into dependencies, for example by echoing the programme of a certain gallery, by accompanying an artist throughout all the phases of his development or by delegating decisions in some other way.”

“For the collection always the artwork, not the artist has been decisive.”

”The act of assembling a collection of high quality requires extraordinary patience, if you don`t want to make compromises. That´s something I had to learn. The ability to wait for the right opportunity to come along is much more important than the attempt to realise some specific desire.”

“As a private person and an autodidact, I consider the exposure of the collection to the purgatory of public presentation and of myself to the critics to be a necessary and desirable situation. It will enable me to sum up this `life´s work`. At some point the originally private character of the collection gathered momentum, causing me to become more and more of a collector in the course of the years.”