Adolpho Leirner
“Collectors are regarded as maniac, paranoid, impassioned and vain[...] To collect is to nurture a love affair, a passion; it is to uncover findings in a game of search and find – all of which are part of my life. It is a unique pleasure, an affectionate relationship with artworks that permeates my space. By and large, [...] collectors understand they gather their collections not only for private fruition, but for the benefit of society, and for this reason they keep and preserve them. Showing or publishing my collection is a pleasure because it means sharing with viewers and readers something I have always held as very private.”

“When I first started my collection the number on criterion was to gather works by contemporary artists which I found to be a more difficult as well as a more stimulating activity. I was out to take risks, which entailed the possibility of making mistakes. It never occurred to me to acquire a painting for speculative purposes. Rather, I have always benn charmed by passion and discovery.”

“Historically, relationships between collectors and artists have always been difficult for a number of reasons that include a difference in intellectual viewpoints, distinct backgrounds, distinct visions of the world, low pay offered (which artists regard as highly insulting), or yet a great lack of concern for their work. In turn, however, mutual interest has always generated considerable satisfaction. I have been involved in situations where artists at times felt jealous, possessive, or merely stunned by the “loss” of their artworks, as if these works were their own children. To me, their attitudes seem perfectly natural, since only on rare circumstances I would agree to let go of works from my collection of constructive art.”