rio concreto

ASCÂNIO MMM.  The sculptor, formed in architecture for the College of Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in 1969 and former-pupil of the School of Beautiful Arts in the years of 1963 and 1964.  One of its last great expositions is distinguished "Piramidais IV" that it happened in the Museum of Modern Art of Rio De Janeiro, in 1999/2000.  Some of its works are distinguished in public places central offices, as much in Brazilian cities, as in Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Teresina as in Tókio, Japan, and Lisbon and Fão, Portugal.  Since 1959 it inhabits and it works in Rio De Janeiro.
PAIVA BRAZIL.  Been born in Fields of the Goitacazes, RIO DE JANEIRO, in 1930.  In 1942 it comes to inhabit in Rio De Janeiro, initiating its studies of drawing in the old 2 secondary school of Arts and Crafts of Rio De Janeiro.  In 1954 it frequents the courses of "Structural Drawing and Composition", with Santa Rosa, and "Painting", with Samson Flexor, in the Museum of Modern Art/RIO DE JANEIRO Amongst the expositions, halls and prizes that follow its career, is distinguished it its last individual exposition "Panoramic" in the Museum of Art Contemporary of Niterói, RIO DE JANEIRO, in 2004.
ROMEA DRUMOND.  It was born in 1957, Rio De Janeiro.  It frequented courses in the Museum of Modern Art of Rio De Janeiro, in the School of Visual Arts, Lage Park, having been pupil of Aluísio Carvão and Rubens Gerchman.  It is distinguished, amongst the individual and collective expositions, individual "the Serial one" in the National Museum of Beautiful Arts in 2000.  It lives and it works in Rio De Janeiro.
RUBEM LUDOLF.  He was born in Maceió, AL, in 1932.  Painter, landscape architect.  He forms himself for the National School of Architecture of the University Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, in 1955.  In this exactly year, frequents the lessons of Ivan Serpa in Painting the Free Course of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio De Janeiro.  It integrates the Group Front between 1955 and 1956.  It enters the expositions of which participated, is distinguished its last individual sample, in 2002, in the National Museum of Beautiful Arts.  It lives and it works in Rio De Janeiro.

Ascânio MMM
“múltiplo 17", 1978
painted wood
70 x 40 cm
limited Edition of 30
(second Edition)

Paiva Brasil
“quadro-objeto”, 2003
Acrylic on canvas and wood
112 x 69 cm

Roma Drumond
"untitled”, 2004
Acrylic on canvas and MDF
190 x 20 x 9 cm

Rubem Ludolf
"untitled”, 2004
Oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm

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