Waltercio Caldas, Cornelius Völker, Kyung Jeon - Zeichnungen
Waltercio Caldas - In his drawings, Waltercio Caldas, continues the course which he set in his sculptures. The confusion is taken even further here. Space seems to dissolve and is reduced to absurdity. In the tradition of the neo-concretism of a Lygia Clark or a Hélio Oiticica, Caldas' works, with their virtual play on habits of sight and interpretational patterns, reach beyond the formal rigidity of their predecessors of the 50's and 60s.
Cornelius Völker - In this sense the colored sketches by Cornelius Völker of Düsseldorf are no mere preparatory endeavors for subsequent paintings but momentary images which depict the special charm or lure of seemingly everyday situations. With sure strokes the quiet poetry of a likewise seemingly modest meal is depicted and cautiously colored.
Kyung Jeon - Walking with Heads - The American Kyung Jeon of Korean descent has chosen a completely different approach. Her somewhat brazen seeming gouache drawings are of a rather more personal nature. Formally influenced by the Japanese pop culture, they refer to older Asian traditions by refraining from making full use the available space.
ohne Titel, 2005
Tusche und Kreide auf Papier
25,8 x 35,9 cm
Wischender I, 2004
Bleistift und Wasserfarben auf Papier
37,5 x 52 cm
Walking with Heads
Gouache auf Papier
33 x 24 cm
courtesy: Léo Bahia arte contemporânea
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