Joseph Beuys
linha forma cor Heleno Bernardi
Masseter Suíte
quinze anos rio concreto
The workmanship of world-wide known Joseph Beuys was very little divulged and displayed in Brazil until today .  The hommage commemorates the 83 years that the German artist would complete in May of this year.  The Multiples of some phases of the artist are characteristic in its workmanship, therefore they synthesize the thinkuing of Joseph Beuys, who is also considered a Philosopher of  Art. Linha  Forma Cor - Four world-wide known reprensentantes of the concretismo come together in this exposition:  Max Bill from Siwtzerland, the Venezuelan Carlos Cruz-Diez, the Brazilian Almir Mavignier and the Julio le Parc from Argentina.  As in the manifesto concreto of Theo van Doesburg, the four artists work excluding the lyric or symbolic elements and creating its workmanships, based on criteria technician and to the times until mathematicians.  The use of the so called After all, all the sticks of gum need to be chewed long and hard before being used. But it is then that speed suddenly comes into play. With the rapidity with which one outlines a sketch, Bernardi models a bust with pink and red fibers, covers a skull or his own arm, in such a way that for a moment we think we are seeing muscles, tendons, an inner life revealed. quinze anos means fifteen years and gives an overview of different positions in the german art scene since the fall of the wall 1989. The Curator Sheila Cabo choose important names such as A.R. Penck, Michael Bach, Christoph Dahlhausen, Cornelius Völker and Gerhard Richter Rio Concreto - The collective sample is composed for workmanships of four artists who if place in one same concrete lineage, however with different artistic languages.  Ascânio MMM, Paiva Brazil, Rome Drumond and Rubem Ludolf in them make possible the contact with workmanships that express the intersecção and the pureness of the synthesis and the form, as well as evidence sensible, characteristic geometry of the thematic concretista, considered turning point of the modern art.
26.04.2004 - 22.05.2004 17.08.2004 - 11.09.2004 14.09.2004- 16.10.2004 16.11.2004 - 23.12.2004 12.01.2005 - 26.02.2005

armadilhas de luz
Vinicio Horta
rio london drawings
linha forma cor 2005 homunkuli
Zaven Paré - Júlio Rodrigues
Waltercio Caldas, Cornelius Völker, Kyung Jeon - drawings
Christoph Dahlhausen - Light Traps Vinicio Horta - london rio drawings Works of the constructivists: Getulio Alviani, Verena Loewensberg, Almir Mavignier e François Morellet homunkuli - Zaven Paré and Júlio Rodrigues, sculptures Waltercio Caldas, Cornelius Völker, Kyung Jeon - desenhos
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